Start of the class

Git Session 2 – Instructor David

Today, our students went ahead with their lessons in the Full-stack Developer course, beginning with session 2 of their Git class with Instructor David.

Before continuing with the second session of Git, greetings were exchanged between the students and the Instructor (Instructor David), and then a recap of what was covered in the previous session was done.

What was covered in today’s session? – Git session 2

Some of the topics and things looked at in the Git session 2 with the Instructor included but were not limited to:

Topics looked at – Git session 2

And many more other points were looked at in the session.

The students seemed intrigued with what git was and what it could do. And with that, they raised questions to their Instructor.

Here are some of the questions that they put forward to their Instructor:

Nakayiza to Instructor David

What do u mean by unstaging?

Winnie to Instructor David

When I use git add . , I am adding all the untracked files to the staging area?

Touch typing SessionInstructor Ronald

After the Git session with Instructor David, the students had a break of 10 minutes from 10:50 AM to 11:00 PM and then come back to the zoom class and the Touch typing session began with Instructor Ronald.

Here is the progress of the students in their touch typing:



Overall this session was a success. Some trainees about 2 of them attended using phones but we recommended them to their computers the next time since the instructions are to attend the sessions using a computer.

We shall start from there tomorrow and ensure to start from where we left off.

Thank you for reading.