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Make Your Future Bright With the Implementer Course

Everyone today uses an app to perform particular tasks. Enrolling in a 7-month course will give you the knowledge to create, test, and program apps for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Be ready to work in a team where you brainstorm ideas and concepts.

The implementer course will make you understand appropriate coding languages and use them. You will have to work with other professionals including data scientists, graphic designers, and other software experts. Other tasks app developers handle include testing and fixing any bugs that might be in the app before its launch.

What to discover in the program

The MERN Stack

MongoDB Express React/ReactNative Node Js

Being introduced to the modern tools of choice for building the web and mobile, MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database, that handles storing of data efficiently and scales cheaply.

Express is a Node Js framework for building fast lightweight backend services in the Microservice architecture. With Express, building APIs and web apps in JavaScript is made easier than ever before.

React is an open-source JavaScript User Interface library built and maintained by Facebook to be used by developers to build robust frontend web apps.

ReactNative is an extension of React, to help developers build mobile apps with similar concepts as used while building web frontend apps in React.

Node Js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the Chrome V8 engine and executes JavaScript code on the server, not the browser.

Mobile Apps Development

The development of mobile applications is creating software apps for mobile devices. Mobile apps rely on a network connection such as Wi-Fi, GSM, and related, to connect with remote devices to exchange resources. As a mobile apps developer, you will create software bundles including assets, code, and binaries for installing on mobile devices. You will also gain knowledge in implementing backend services including data access leveraging REST and GraphQL APIs.

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Web Application Development

A web application is an interactive computer program built with web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The app handles the storage and manipulation of files in databases for use by a single user or team online. The heart of a web app is Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD). Accessibility to a web app is through a web browser and might involve signup.

The stages of web app development include

  •         Defining the problem.
  •         Mock-up solution.
  •         Engagement with users.
  •         Adoption of a framework.
  •         Building and testing the app.

If you have ever wanted to build a web app, our implementer course is a wonderful option.

Develop Backends

Backend app development is building the engine or the layer that operates behind the scenes of what the user interacts with. A backend is an essential part of web and mobile apps for storing, optimizing, and processing data.

Knowledge of backend development allows building backend apps for use by frontend apps to send information. Frontend apps relay information to backend apps through internet protocols. 

As a backend developer, you will generate database information and other necessary output required by frontend apps. A backend app is based on a database, scripting, and architecture.

Career As A Mobile App Developer

Mobile app developers write apps for particular mobile devices including iOS, Android, or Windows. Professional app developers specialize in particular areas including graphics apps, mobile phone apps, accounting apps, or office suites.

 App developers use information gathered by marketing firms regarding consumer needs and create appropriate apps. A basic app has various versions for various types of smartphones, computers, and tablets. After the production of an app, developers create periodic upgrades for release to the public.

Completing a 5 months course will allow you to work for all types of companies regardless of size. Alternatively, you can become a freelancer and choose who to work for. You have to build native experiences so you can complete tasks, interact with various brands, and consume different content.

Become A Software Developer Today

The easiest way to become a software developer is to attend a 7-month implementor boot camp that we offer. This will save you from spending years at the university or an institute. The best thing about our training is learning with industry practicing instructors and building real-life solutions throughout the training.