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Learn modern skills, become employable.



Today, cars drive themselves, labor is provided by machines that are powered by Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality gets you to another planet in minutes, rockets have become reusable, shopping is started and completed at the comfort without moving an inch from your home.

If you’re ignorant about modern processes and don’t know how to harness the power of digital tools, you’re way behind the status quo and you will lose a lot.

In the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in the offering of online services especially shopping, shipping, hailing, and medical support in Uganda. Recently the government of Uganda has decided that it’s only beneficial to utilize ICT to improve service delivery to the citizens, as a result, VAT filing, and passport application processes have been moved online.

What it means for an ordinary citizen is that you ought to become more attentive and dynamic. Without vital ICT skills, one’s chances of thriving today are diminishing than ever before.

That is the very reason, we’ve come up with a training program to help you learn and develop various digital skills in ICT, which are important for individuals to properly join the digital population.

We’ve taken some years of small-scale and practical research to discover what’s necessary to learn and not. Our major objective in the Computer Operator Program is to make sure the learner learns and develops vital skills in ICT, gain confidence and become employable and build income-generating acumen.

We also look at the learner becoming self-reliant and empowered to find “self-learning” in the future easier. It’s our objective to help our learners in becoming technology leaders to participate in transforming traditional communities into technology-empowered communities.

The Computer Operator Program is made up of ten core modules and each of the core modules is composed of several submodules.

Program Modules

Touch Typing

If there is any important skill to learn in the 21st century, it’s none other than efficient touch typing, hence we’ve found it important to have it among our core modules.

How fast one enters words in a computer program is measured in a unit known as WPM or Words Per Minute. Experts can enter 200WPM on the computer, whereas beginners enter about 10WPM. Most of our first-time learners who are absolute beginners in using the computer and those that don’t have access to computers, after training sessions, manage to type 50WPM at an accuracy above 86% in the first month of being with us. Hence this should encourage you to join us and pursue your technology career.

Among the benefits of good touch-typing skills are; –

  • Improve your confidence in approaching technology challenges.
  • Improve your ability to learn on your own without the presence of an instructor.
  • Increase your chances of landing digital jobs such as translating, copywriting, data entry, book writing, etc.
  • Increase your chances of generating income while at home, for example; blogging, online customer care, book review, online training, transcribing, etc.
  • Make it easier for yourself to conduct successful research.
  • Improve your grammar and spelling abilities in the languages that you touch-type frequently.
  • Get to learn about the different keyboard layouts so that you can be aware especially when you travel to different countries.
  • Increase your chances of improving at job interviews and beat the competition.
  • It helps you become a technology leader among your peers and your community.
  • Because we are members of touchtyping.com, your score will never be lost, and there’s more to it in that you’ll improve your reading abilities on top of learning about the history of different parts of the world.

The Mouse

Get to know what a mouse is, it’s purpose, and how to use it so that you may efficiently control different devices, including the computer. Applications/programs on the computer come with a variety of buttons, so the mouse makes it quicker to access and click them to perform various actions.

The commonest mouse comes with three buttons, that is to say; the left button, the right button, and the middle wheel. However, others come with more than three buttons.

A laptop is an all-in-one computer that comes with an inbuilt device known as a touchpad to offer mouse functionalities. Modern laptops’ touchpads offer functionalities that are way more than a traditional mouse could offer.

We think it is important for one to learn how the mouse works, and practically gain confidence while using it in sessions so that it doesn’t become a burden in life after training.

Computer components

A functional computer system is composed of various components, whereby each part performs a different functionality.

In this module, we aim at looking at the different components; so that you may learn the official names of each, functionalities and how to troubleshoot in times of necessity.

The benefits of this module are numerous and they include but are not limited to; –

  • Understanding certain ICT terms like booting, rebooting, shutdown, reset and restart among others.
  • Being able to power on and off the computer the right way.
  • Being able to assemble a fully functional computer system.
  • Making informed decisions when it comes to acquiring new components or replacing various components.
  • Saving on buying and troubleshooting costs.
  • Knowing which component is primary and secondary so that you prioritize when the time comes.

Internet and Google Workspace

Our core objective for this module is to make sure the learner becomes as confident, efficient, and effective with the internet, and the tools, some of the internet giants, especially Google, have to offer.

We identify and discover the meaning of different terms such as sign up, sign out, log in, log out, opt-in, opt-out, subscribe, unsubscribe, cart, checkout, and check-in that appear on various internet platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Jumia, Supaprice.ug and others.

The benefits of the module are paramount and some are mentioned below; –

  • You learn about online shopping and avoid falling into the traps of internet thieves.
  • You learn how to create documents and collaborate with your team, on the go, you don’t have to lose any minutes while having a flight.
  • You learn to prepare for the meeting and any kind of presentation on the go.
  • It becomes easier for you to impact communities due to the various skills you can teach online.
  • You learn to blog, which comes with numerous benefits, including earning an extra income, and sharing what you love with the world.
  • You discover online communication and become in touch with distant relatives or family members without having to speed on expensive traditional phone calls on top of avoiding bad network experiences.
  • Quite often, people on the internet land on fake information and share it, but this module will be helpful to improve your content screening abilities.
  • And so many other benefits.

We practically learn how to use;

  • Google search as a primary research tool.
  • Gmail for communication.
  • Google docs for document creation and collaboration.
  • Google sheet for managing accurate spreadsheets such as budgets, expenses, and incomes. Google sheet is powerful for individuals and businesses of all levels.
  • Google slides for creating and designing digital presentations.
  • YouTube for learning and offering education services.
  • Google Drive for storing and accessing important files everywhere you go.
  • Google forms for creating forms that can help you collect information for various purposes.
  • We learn about online shopping and shipping using jumia.ug, supaprice.co.ug amazon.com as use cases.
  • Blogging is rewarding in many ways, so we introduce the learner to the subject and make sure you understand how to use wordpress.com effectively.

All the tools we look at in this module can be used on the go, and are available freely on the web, Android & iOS devices.

File Management

If the statement “ICT is nothing without data” is true, we find it necessary to train our members about managing the information stored on devices efficiently to achieve proper organization.

In this module, we dive into files, folders, file types, and extensions. By the end of the module, you will master how to make files and folders on top of performing various important actions such as copying, cutting, moving, nesting, renaming, hiding, deleting, among others on such information. The knowledge gained, applies to computers of all types and other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Online shopping

What does it feel like if I mention that you save 10% to 50% when you shop online than if you walked into the market? But also, you stand a high chance of getting a poor-quality product if not lose your money if you don’t learn the pros and cons of shopping online.

Our main objective here is to make sure the learner discovers the shopping process from identifying products to getting discounts and making payments.

We intend to let you learn to discover the products online by looking at product descriptions, reviews and ratings, response time, and product suppliers.

We shall make sure you learn about how different payment methods work, and how to protect yourself from spammers and fraudulent websites in order not to lose your money.

As much as most content is about buying or purchasing goods and services, we slightly talk about selling online as well.

By the end of the module, we expect you to confident while shopping online and to make an informed decision when choosing who to shop with.

Award and duration

At the end of each cohort, learners qualify and get an E-degree in orientational digital skills, this award is also known as a Computer Driving Permit which is proof that one is skilled in various ICT skills as they claim.

It usually takes the learner a few months about 3, to graduate in this program at Ablestate.

How do we conduct the sessions?

This is a one-on-one training program where the learner must be in the classroom in person. We would like to offer an online alternative however, we discovered the majority of our learners don’t have access to the equipment required for practice.

As well, we use modern noise-free equipment and open-source software to deliver this life-changing training to our learners.

Our classroom is equipped with Raspberry PI computers, and the learner doesn’t require to come with a personal computer to attend the training sessions.

How to join

The process of joining us for training is quite simple. You must show interest by filling and submitting a registration form either online or by filling out a printed form.

The printable form can be downloaded from our website and is recommended for those who can’t use a computer keyboard to complete the online application. After filling out the form come with it to our training center, which is located at Ssimbwa Zone, Nakayiza close, Kansanga – Kampala, Uganda.

Everyone who shows interest by completing an online form will be given a compulsory evaluation quiz to help us determine their current ICT knowledge and experience. We need to determine for us to recommend modules where much emphasis is needed throughout the training. Whereas those who register via the printed form are considered not to have ICT experience hence will not be given an evaluation quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you’re not sure about your typing skills, and if you want to learn about modern tools such as google docs, google sheet, google slides, and drive, file management, online shopping, and be accredited in ICT skills. The certificate or E-degree you will get, will be vital while pursuing future opportunities because it proves to whoever you want to work with how ready and serious, you’re about the opportunity.

No. We handle people of various academic backgrounds, as long as they’re determined to go from beginning to the very end of the program. In fact, some of our learners completed as high as primary seven, whereas others are teachers in primary schools and some are bachelor degree holders.

At the moment it’s 5 days per week, that’s to say, Monday to Friday.

No. We recommend you choose the time that is best suitable for you throughout the entire cohort.

You immediately become our alumni and upon consent join our Computer Operator alumni network. In our alumni networks, we share various learning and income opportunities such as scholarships, long and short-term work opportunities that are available across the world.

No, though we need as many resources as possible, we want to give a chance of learning and developing digital technology skills to as many people as possible to achieve our mission of living life well and a vision of income sustainable communities.

We try to maximize the fee of UGX 500,000/= to cater for everything including but not limited to the internet, trainer facilitation, training center administrative work, taxation, and others.


For some reason, young people especially from the underserved and underprivileged communities nearly end up on the streets because they can’t access much of the basic necessary services such as accessing shelter, food, medication, and ICT education.

Though it’s out of our capacity to provide for every basic service, in every intake(cohort), we have three scholarship slots for teenagers, and transformed victims of drug addiction, war, prostitution, and victims of child marriage.

Teenagers and victims of child marriage should apply directly whereas transformed victims should apply through a trustworthy next of kin.

Yes, those who indicate interest to join, through the online form are given a free evaluation quiz. Completing it will help us to determine your current ICT skills and knowledge.

On the fortunate side, you can get a discount if we find out you pose competence in some of the modules which are covered in this Computer Operator Program.

So, feel free, to take our evaluation quiz.

Some potential learners get a free certificate of participation from us, without going through the training sessions, in order to reward their confidence and commitment in completing the quiz.

No, we don’t compensate the time lost due to trainee absentia apart from exceptional circumstances such as attending his/her wedding, loss of a close relative, hospital admission, and falling sick. If it’s not falling sick and dying, you must inform the administration as early as possible to help us plan accordingly. Otherwise request for session compensation before the last fortnight of a cohort.



We can only compensate a maximum of 3 sessions otherwise you’ll be requested to pay an extra 30% cohort fee to restart the cohort afresh.

Each session takes a minimum of 2 hours and doesn’t exceed 3 hours.

We offer competitive rates in town yet promise one of the best value for money training, one will come across in Uganda.

At UGX 500,000/= you’re entitled to complete the entire program including graduation and certification. Even if we accept installment payments, we advise you to make a 50% deposit before starting the training and clear the remaining balances before the end of the second month to invest in the necessary resources required to facilitate the training. Our payment modes are Mobile Money through Patasente and Cash.

Even as we wouldn’t want to discriminate, we find ourselves hand-cupped in the context of energy and attention span levels. Therefore, we recommend a minimum age of 13 years and a maximum age of 45 years.

In normal circumstances, the program takes a maximum of 3 months.



We have 2 sessions per day. That is Morning and Afternoon sessions. Check out the timing below.

  1. Morning 9:00am to 11:00pm
  2. Afternoon 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Some of the direct opportunities are internships at Ablestate and our partners in various private sectors in Uganda. This helps you grasp and own the knowledge you’ve learned over the past months through everyday practice.

However, the internship slots are highly competitive and open for a short time, hence they’re rewarded to exceptional learners who have to show interest in the first week of the third months of the cohort.

First of all, our intakes are also referred to as Cohorts. Each of our cohorts has a specified time allocation. Computer Operator cohort takes 3 months, Full-stack Developer cohort takes 8-12 months.  We therefore, have a total of 2 cohorts per year. One for Computer Operator and the other for Full-stack Web Development.

Whereby the first cohort starts the second week of January.

Applications for the next cohort are open during an ongoing cohort but you can’t join an ongoing cohort. Our primary aim is to invest the maximum available resources in the ongoing cohort in order to achieve maximum positive results for every learner.

Click here to see available cohorts and join us.

No, both females and males are welcome.