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Change the world with what you have. We connect you to world class projects so that you can create the impact you dream of while earning a satisfying income.
How does it work?
  1. Join our community of developers for free.
  2. Build a resume.
  3. Indicate your availability.
  4. Get connected. Our network comprises of Part time, full time and project based jobs. Your commitment is your limitation.
How to build a resume/CV?
Having a resume, is a sign of good personal character, readiness and competence. Why not start building it now?

After all, building one with our platform is straight forward. It is reflective and preparatory. Built for you to be accurate as possible. The summary, contact information, education, work, skills, and availability, are the few sections and none is mandatory, but that will definitely limit your chances, so we encourage completing each.

Did you know? Employers prefer to hire in hours not in weeks or months. Our recommendation is that you complete your resume with utmost appeal and satisfaction.
First things first, start with a short description of yourself in one or few paragraphs. Consider that it’s a personal elevator pitch or a commercial about yourself. It must land you in the boss’ office for an interview, if not a job. More details such as name, the language you speak, date of birth, gender, next of kin etc are asked.
Potential employers will definitely want want to contact you, this section allows you to provide your contact details accurately. From phone number to physical location, social media and website.
Whether you are academically qualified or not, this section helps you provide your learning history. It is meant to allow give details about your formal education qualifications and online certifications. Do your best to stand out.
Though employers want a person who has worked before, this shouldn’t put you off, experience comes next a positive attitude. We encourage you not to limit yourself, whether it’s voluntary work, freelance or professional work, this is your chance to shine.
Technical and Soft Skills.
Competition doesn’t forgive. Take a deep breath and make sure you let the potential employer know what you have learned, how you have used it and achievements. Everyone prefers hiring reliability and potential. As much as you could be a champion at a certain programming language, like we think. We encourage you to put in a great effort in soft skills.
Now that you have done a wonderful job of providing important information, of interest to potential employers, it’s time to let them know that you are available and ready. The time of work is your preference as well, the continent, and salary range.
Learning opportunity
Taking time to build your resume with our tool helps you discover areas of weakness and strength that you might have not been aware of. If you reach that decision, we are happy to help. 

Our responsibility

Preparing you for satisfying work opportunities is our focus. 

We introduce people who have never touched a computer or a smartphone to digital skills, train them and turn them into professional digital creatives.

Our primary focus is on coding and software development skills but we find it equally important that our trainees learn to document, communicate effectively, and learn to run businesses.

Depending on the time you have and how eager you are to learn, you can join us for short-term masterclasses or boot-camps. Masterclasses are suitable if you want to strength your competence in a particular tool in short period of time while Boot-camps help you start from no ground to the sky, if not beyond.

Contact us to find out more about our learning opportunities.