How we work in the communities

At Ablestate, we are committed to building a vibrant supportive community by participating in internally and externally organized tech events.

This helps us to share, learn and most of all inspire the creation of meaningful relationships among developers, tech enthusiasts, trainers, and tech leaders.

We also partner up with interested schools to deliver technology training right to their students at the school premises. We believe this is one of the best ways to prepare young people for better technology and leadership careers in the future. Our training ignites each student’s potential through helping them to discover and accelerate their technology interests and dreams.

Members of RPM a local community in Lukuli, Kampala have photo after getting certificates for successful completion the basic computer training.

We use creative methods to deliver in our tech training workshops, which helps the participating students to build self-confidence, and the participatory culture at school and home.

The content we deliver is easy to grasp and relate to, to help the students improve performance in ICT/Computer, science, and related classrooms and exams.

During the training sessions at schools we highly encourage and involve all trainers and teachers to take be part in the bid to create better learning experiences and delivery of tech and science content to the students.

Schools which are interested in this program, show interest by applying whenever applications are open and we shortlist who to partner with and for how long based on available resources.

Our school workshops are free of cost to the students and schools, however we gather resources from helpful people like you who donate tools and funds to facilitate the passionate trainers.