This is how we live life at “Ablestate” aka code of conduct.


The number one reason for having these guidelines is to make sure we are efficient, effective, and achieve the set targets. This is our DNA.

Before clicking sign below, take ample time to read the points below, and understand them.

Feel free to discuss with a colleague like a workmate to make sure, you understand them properly so that we can properly work in harmony and be helpful to each other.

  1. We are peaceful, together, and united. We make sure that as individuals we give ourselves peace, and vibrate the peace to everyone in and out of Ablestate.
  2. In order to be effective and enjoy doing the work, we are as honest as possible.
  3. We love and practice timekeeping.
  4. We hold each other’s hand because we need each other if we are to achieve our targets.
  5. We open for work at 8:00 pm and close at 7:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. We don’t work on weekends and holidays.
  6. We communicate in a language that everyone understands (can speak and listen), and are proud to communicate with.
  7. We are caring, welcoming, and sharing.
  8. We have lunch as a team.
  9. Anyone who accepts this lifestyle should maintain it, otherwise risk losing their membership on a temporary or permanent basis.
  10. Our members fall in one or more of the categories below:-
  11. Individuals and organizations become members after signing an agreement or contract with us. The agreement may outline or describe the roles and responsibilities, benefits, consequences, and collect information such as personal info, contact information, signature, etc.
  12. Each volunteer, intern, and employee member must use the effective tool on a daily basis, to check-in and check out complete assignments, and record the tasks touched on the day.
  13. When there is an opportunity we participate in team-building and refreshing activities together.
  14. We review this document every Friday morning to remind ourselves.