Who is Ablestate?

Ablestate is living life to the fullest and projecting a similar attitude to our stakeholders. We are a tribe of digital nomads who constantly support one another by sharing our diverse knowledge, ideas, skills, and experiences.

Ablestate began as an idea in 2018. David M. Wampamba was the visionary who pitched the idea to some of his friends and people he thought could help turn it into a reputable brand. Ablestate would give internship opportunities to young people in Africa.

Young people would be introduced to technology, learn and develop employable ICT skills, and be prepared for modern workplaces. Ablestate would also assist the world’s largest corporations and startups in accessing this abundant talent under favourable working conditions.

Kato H. Cosma and Julius Masaba believed in the concept and joined David to form the founding team.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the Uganda Registrations Services Bureau incorporated the idea through NBK Premier Solutions LTD.

Ablestate provides a variety of services such as computer training, coding and software development training, software development, technical writing, UI design, working-at-home training, user testing, IT consultancy and hosting.

Ablestate has trained over 100 young Ugandans in a variety of fields by the end of 2022, including but not limited to general computer skills, programming, mobile app development, personal branding, presentation skills, WordPress design, blogging, and online presence.

Ablestate’s operations team is entirely comprised of former trainees.

Our Mission 

We use oneness and cheer to constantly support one another for positive life transformation.

Our Vision

To be the go-to service provider of Cheerful, Accessible, Hands-on and Short-term (CASH) skills development training in Africa.

Our Values

  1. Cheerful
  2. Accessible
  3. Hands-on
  4. Short-term

Our Objectives

  • Offer Computer, coding, Software Development, and Web design training to the youth and young people in Uganda, Africa and across the World.
  • Reduce the rates of unemployment in Uganda by offering internships and jobs.
  • Support young people and the youth to acquire the basic tools needed to develop and deliver software products.
  •  Form partnerships with authorities, startups, and individuals across a multitude of industries to achieve a shared vision.

Our Team

Our team is made up of the CEO, Resources Manager, Online Presence Lead, Lead Happiness Engineer, and Software Developers.

Our Team

David M. Wampamba


Kato Cosma

Resources Manager

Kasasira Charles

Full-stack Developer

Nakku Stella

Happiness Engineer

Mutamba Abudi


Nakityo Joanita


Anyuru Derrick

Full-stack Developer